Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cold Samurai


I love to draw samurais.They are the coolest warriors and I'm a huge fan of Takehiko Inoue's Vagabond.


  1. Hello
    i want to draw a samurai to, i like to be creative and i have never done it before to drow some like that. I know i have to pratcise a lot.
    Youre drawing looks verry verry nice.
    Greets from Pauline from Holland

  2. Many thanks Pauline, I`m glad you liked it.

    You could use a good photography as reference and trying to apply someone else`s art style to transform into a samurai. This process aways help me when I wish to draw realistic human figure!

    Good Luck! :)

  3. Está padrísimo, me encanta!

  4. Randomly found this. Awesome fucking work, bro!

  5. Where's the rest of his sword? Must be a sai. :)